Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

**Spoiler Alert**

This post contains Game of Thrones spoilers, so don’t read it if you are behind on the show.  I got Bill Barr, AG of the USA, to state the conclusions of the report since he was off yesterday.  

“It was fun.  Come out next week.”

On Wednesday, three days after the third episode of Game of Thrones aired, or as I call it “The Long Night +3,” six sailors braved the elements, including Owen, Griffin, Eric Ro., Alex, Forest, and me.  Doing a masterful job in the crash boat were Mike T. and Mark.The day was grey, like any other day in the northern climes of Westeros.  Thunderstorms prowled the lake resulting in light, shifty wind.  Wind Alert got it all wrong as it called for 15+.  Wind Alert proved as fallible as all the fanboy sites that predicted Jon Snow would off the Night King.  Nope, there wasn’t a lot of wind, and Arya, a teenage girl weighing a buck five, shattered the NK.  So much for predictions….

Three races, once around were held.  Griffin did his best impersonation of Dany riding Drogon torching the Lannister army in The Loot Train Attack (Season 7, Episode 4 for those keeping score).  He put the foot down and just flew.  Eric and Alex gave him a run one race, but it was pretty much done and dusted so far as who the best guy out there was, and who the best of the rest were as well.

So Griffin’s night was similar to the NK’s in the first half of Sunday’s episode.  The zombies comprising the Army of the Dead were kicking butt and taking names as was the G man.  I wasn’t as fortunate.  I think I know where all the remaining Valerian Steel is – in my boat!  I was slow!!  Sheesh.

As we attempted to get a fourth race off, the dragons flew through the clouds, spitting fire and clapping their wings.  The weather rolled in just like when a White Walker shows up at any spare to fair battlefield, and rain came down like Dany’s tears mourning the dying Ser Joura – slowly at first, and then a downpour! 

We were all soaking wet.  Alex stripped down and pranced about in his underroos.  Was he wanting to prove he’s not like Varys?  All I know is I can’t unsee it…. 

Forest loaded up a boat he will repair Gendry style for the new fleet loaner. Thanks, Forest!

Afterwards, Alex, Eric, Griffin and I went to Lake House.  Hot Pie wasn’t there, but two of his sisters were (they’re really nice!), and they kept us in beer and burgers.  

When the time to leave came, it was raining really, really hard.  Griffin and Eric counted to three to begin their run to their cars.  Eric pulled a Cersei, promising Griffin he would go on three just as Cersei promised Dany she would fight for the living – Eric stayed under cover and Cersei stayed at King’s Landing.  Griffin had a flip flop blow out as he ran, requiring him to double back.  The three stragglers stayed and had another round until the rain lessened.

It was a GREAT night for sailing and cajoling!  Adam, you HAVE to be at the lake next Wednesday as I have to pick your GoT brain.  Please come out, y’all, as the weather is getting better and better.  And yes, SUMMER IS COMING!!


Other Activities

The Laser fleet was active this weekend with Mark and Mike taking the FS Districts and Alex and me taking a distant third.  Congratulations, Mark and Mike!  

Griffin joined Jack at Lake Arlington to sail Aeros in the stout conditions.  Griffin reported Jack had one whale of a death roll which resulted from Jack pulling his board up to clear debris.  “Clean up in Aisle 4.”  But Jack righted the boat, and they had a ball.

One funny occurrence Sunday.  Alex was doing his best to get people to come to WR to sail Lasers.  He was talking to one RCYC sailor who said he refused to sail at WR “because you can do everything right and end up in the middle of the fleet.”  Really?  That’s not what I saw last night!!  WR is a great lake to sail on, and we all need to support the club, our fleet, and our lake.  Buy a CSC shirt!!  Represent!!