Exciting Sailing This Fall

Exciting Sailing Ahead!

Announcements!! Please Read:

  • Club Championship September 21st. We are in need of one additional person on committe. Please reach out to Griffin if you can help!
  • Laser CLINIC!! It has been some time since our last one and with so many new sailors we are excited to announce a FREE clinic this coming Sunday from 10-12am. Lunch will be provided. Please register for a loaner if you would like to use one.

Write-up from last weeks sailing:
Yesterday we had nine boats participate in shifty, up and down conditions. Sailing were Griffin, Mark B., Eric Ro., Mike R., Tim, Forest, Joe, Greg, Adam, Andrew. On the chase boat we had Diana, Porter and Brig, who ran three challenging races, two two-lappers and one one-lapper.

The wind was a challenge as it came out of the southeast with big direction changes, and some decent  gusts. It was quiet when we arrived, but soon built. Several new folks played it safe and stayed on shore or went on the RC boat.  Not everyone from our club did, alas. A V15, apparently hired by Exxon to search for oil under the lake, kept sinking its mast in the sludge that is the lake bottom.  No oil was found, but it was confirmed the bottom of the lake mud is stinky! All worked out okay in the end.  

We had a couple of capsizes in our fleet, but everyone sailed well.  The near miss capsize was executed to perfection by Eric Roman, who AGAIN, won the contest for the best save after hitting a massive log, as shall be explained.

The Wiz did very well in the windiest first race, first passing and then stretching on Eric Ro.  In the second race it was again a battle between those two until Eric hit an underwater lurker, came to a complete stop, let go of everything, including the mainsheet which resulted in the boom going to about 110 degrees, had the boat in a deathroll, and somehow, someway, only with what had to be divine intervention, saved it!  Griffin took that race, but Eric got a 10 for style. In the final race Eric held off the Wiz at the line and Forest demonstrated Gray Power for third. Mark Babb was always in the mix, too.

It was a challenging night of sailing, but fun.  The group decided to retire to Shady’s. Always a fun time.