Rock the Ice 2022

Light and challenging winds with warming sun made for an excellent regatta.  Temperatures starting in the freezing zone warmed during the day to the low 60’s.  After one race, the winds died down and the boats had to towed back to the clubhouse for lunch.  After lunch, the winds came back and the competitors were in for four more races in increasing winds toping off at about 15 mph and warmer sun getting temps up to the low 60 degrees.  Steven Benenson was our PRO and led a very capable crew adjusting course as needed.

Dinner with three different chillies was cooked and served by Bowman, Audrey, and Mandy topping off with lemon bars.  

Sunday morning saw lighter winds coming from the west with occasional shots in the low tens.  With two more races in, competitors were rewarded in a dropped score.

You can find all the photos taken by Heidi Gough here.