Cool July Weather for a Perfect Wednesday Night

Cool July Weather for a Perfect Wednesday Night

Excellent turnout this Wednesday was spurred by light to medium winds and cool temperatures in the mid 80’s. Joining us on the water was Owen, Forest, Tim, Porter, Jen, Mark, Jim, Sean, Diana, John, and Griffin. Running races were the dynamic father daughter duo of Jack and Aubin! Out on the loaners were Sean and Diana who had a blast after being kept onshore the last few wednesdays due to high winds. 

We completed 5 very shifty races with wind out of the east with a start line off Jackson point, weather mark by the bath house and leeward mark off the west shore. Puffs going down the course were often a 40+ degree shift from the previous wind. This made it critical to sail the lift that you are on and to connect the dots to the next puff. 

Griffin had a strong clean sweep winning every race with Tim, Porter, Mark, and Forest snapping at his heels. The races were drama free except for a pile up at the pin for the last race resulting in both Griffin and Forest being called over early. 

We ended the evening with a fun night at the White Rock Alehouse. It was decided that if their IPA is called the capsized kayak, they need to name their 2X IPA the capsized laser! 

Also HUGE shoutout to our very own Aubin Hattendorf for being the top radial girl at Houston Youth Race Week!! CONGRATS!