Wednesday Night FUN

Wednesday Night FUN

This Wednesday we had a very good turnout. Sailing we had Griffin, Alex, Brig, Mark, Mike R., Jim, Greg, Forest, Eric, Dan, and John. The group completed four W2s set up by Owen and Mike M. in excellent conditions. While it was mostly a lightish affair, everyone got to stretch their hiking legs now and again.
Griffin pulled off a “Clean Sweep,” taking all four races. He did this despite some adversity, including being OCS in one race. He was simply the best sailor on the water that evening. He also had the best looking sail with the Gryffindor crest where the Laser symbol normally  resides with a broom and a Golden Snitch taking up much of the bottom part of the sail.  Awesome!  Nipping at his heels consistently were Eric and Alex. There was plenty of action all around the course, making for a delightful evening on the water.

We now have a “Cold War” arms race on our hands with new, fake Laser sails! The Intensities have competition from Rod Favela’s unknown brand of bi- radial sails, and Eric brought Rooster into the equation with his English import. The good news is this arms race only sets you back about $160 to have what the best are using. As with anything, practice makes up for not having the best sail. I recall seeing Paul Foerster using a lousy, completely blown out sail to blow away the competition by hitting shifts correctly. So it is certainly not necessity, but it does make for fun talk!

To Eric’s credit, despite showing up late, not only did he break his new sail out of the plastic bag, he also put numbers on the sail, making him COMPLETELY DLF rules compliant! Eric went for quite a spell without using numbers, and he was badgered in the putting them on by Sailor X. Ironically, Sailor X also broke out a new sail; however, he was numberless. When Eric asked Sailor X when he would have numbers on his sail, he replied “I’ll take as long as you did to get numbers on your sail the last time!” Ouch! All in good fun.

Afterwards, we tried a new dining spot, that being District 9,  just around the corner from the club on Buckner. We had Dan, Greg, Forest, Eric, Brig, Jim, and Griffin show up to enjoy the brats and adult beverages. The sassy waitress assigned new appellations to some of the guys, including “Gray” for Dan, “Yellow” for Jim, and the best, “Tie-dye” for Forest. We more mature types took umbrage to Dan’s “Gray” until we learned that the waitress was referring to shirt colors as opposed to hair color!

It was really great having a real fleet on the water. Come on out!