More Wind!!

Gorgeous conditions met the eight sailors who competed last night, including Forest, Mark, Griffin, Eric, John E, Brig, Owen, and Adam.  Temps were in the low 70s. Winds were from the south puffing up to, say, 18. In fact, a Corinthian sailor mentioned to me, quite ominously, that it was blowing 18, and we might reconsider going out.  When I told him the youth go out when it’s blowing 40, a look of incredulity met my comment.  Different strokes!

Alex and Jim did a masterful job on the committee boat setting courses.  Five races, including one two-lapper, were completed just as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Speaking of horizon, Griffin did a horizon job on the fleet in the first race, breaking away at the start and going fast.  And when it came to fast, no one was quicker than the Young Wizard downwind.  He stayed in pressure and surfed what waves there were better than anyone.

There were some pretty major shifts out there.  In one race, Forest and Mark went from the outhouse to the penthouse by banging the corner opposite the fleet ahead to spectacular results!  As we all know, the lake rewards being on the right side of the shifts, which are often accompanied by pressure.  It’s the best of both worlds if you get it right!!

The wind died in intensity as the racing wore on, but it was still hiking weather until the end.  Griffin scored three firsts with Mark and Brig taking one each.  

Two capsizes were recorded on the evening in the heaviest air first race, with Brig taking a swim while doing a penalty turn, and John must have turned in a decent death roll based on the hooting I heard!  Granted, I had 3 mm neoprene on, but it was not cold at all.

After racing, we retired to Shady’s for some delightful conversation (well, most of it was delightful!).  Jim joined Eric, Alex, Adam, Brig, Forest, and Griffin for a few adult beverages and good food.  When talk turned to Game of Thrones, Brig was banished to the kid’s table with Adam to geek out over the upcoming final season.  TV watching is a sport, you know!!

What a wonderful evening for sailing and friendship.  Dust your boat off and join us!!