First Wednesday Racing of 2019

The weather gods were very kind to provide Chamber of Commerce conditions for the first races of the Spring Series. We had temps in the 60s, mostly North wind between 2 and 12, and water that wasn’t too cold.

With the “A Team” of Eric Ro. and Griffin, ably assisted by their canine companions Zoe and Tiller, running the races, the rest of the group, including Forest, Mark, John E, Tim, Alex, Owen, Brig, and Adam (using one of our loaner boats to great effect!), all had a chance to have their moment of glory. The fleet was extremely close throughout the evening aided in large part by extremely shifty wind, which meant no lead was safe.

The first race pretty much summed up the evening. Tim had a commanding lead starting the last beat to the finish when he didn’t quite sail far enough to a right shift. He could do nothing as three boats sailed right past him! The night was full of similar chutes and ladders – you could go from hero to zero or from zero to hero in nearly the blink of an eye.

Even though the wind was not very strong, we had two capsizes on the evening. Alex scored a perfect 10 on his capsize. At the start of the first race he had the entire fleet pinned when he began a massive roll tack to port. It was a thing of beauty – until he didn’t get to the high side! Hooting and hollering from the race committee boat ensured everyone had a good look of the boat on its side

Eric and Griffin had a running commentary on the races as they progressed. Their mirth was stoked by the 40° shifts that prowled the course. Owen had a knack for being in the right place at the right time when a big one would come through, and he had quite the cheering section as result. The rest of us were on the receiving end of some pretty funny laughter. The committee’s presence and commentary made a fun evening even more fun!

A special shout out to John E and Adam! John E mixed it up in every race and sailed really well, taking a third in the last race. Adam also strutted his stuff in the last race by being in third place at the leeward mark! That’s what makes this fun!

On the evening we had Mark book ending the five races with wins, and Brig, Tim, and Forest snagging wins as well. Owen was the real winner of the second race; however, he sailed the wrong course. Gotta watch that course board.

Speaking of race format, in an experiment to see if we could get by with one crash boat, the starting line was set between two buoys with the committee boat unanchored sighting the line. A  three minute starting sequence and a white board for the course were implemented. This seemed to work out really, really well.

Afterwards the crew went to Lake House for some fine dining. Included were Mandy, Karly, Tim, Forest, John E, Griffin, Eric, Alex, Brig, and Adam. One of the waitresses took a real shine into the dogs, Zoe and Tiller, and fed them yummy bacon. My dog imitation was not quite up to snuff to warrant free bacon, alas.

All in all, a wonderful way to kick off the 2019 season. Using  the Three Bears analogy, the evening was “just right!”