Annual Meeting

Brig North and his wife will host the annual business party at their home on January 21st starting 6:30pm. An evite will be sent out shortly so we can get a headcount. The theme for the potluck will be “no theme potluck”. Bring what ever you like to share be it a wheel of cheese, chips and salsa, egg rolls, pizza….. The fleet will provide the plates, napkins, and cutlery. As always, BYOB.

The fleet will be electing new officers, set the racing schedule, and discuss any other business matters. Below are the fleet positions that will need to be filled with a short description. Please review the list and consider participating. If you have any questions about the positions, contact Greg Wallace at

  • Captain – Smile and look handsome.
  •  Scoring Coordinator – Inputs the weekly scores into the online service.
  •  Communications – Sends weekly emails to the fleet with upcoming events and news.
  •  Loaner Boat Program Coordinator(s) – Manages the boats and helps people get rigged. Reservations are made online.
  •  Webmaster – Maintains the website and post news and updates. The site uses WordPress to create and update pages.
  •  Treasurer – Collect dues and reimburses members for fleet expenses.
  •  Executive Race Committee – Schedules fleet members to race committee for the weekly series. The fleet also has quarterly assignments for both Sunday and Saturday races.
  •  Regatta Host Committee Chair – Organize the annual Laser regatta which is a district circuit stop.
  •  Social Chair – Organize the fleet dinners after each series as well as annual parties.
  •  Women/WOW Program Chair – Promote women in sailing by organizing activities and outreach events.