End of Year Awards

It has been a great year for Dallas Laser Fleet.  We have new members joining CSC.  We have members of WRBC joining us for Wednesday night racing.  The new dock is under construction which will supply 16 more boat pads.  Future is looking bright.

Here are the winners in 2014.

Series 1 Winners
Mark Babb, 1st
Forest Atkins, 2nd
Owen Bushaw, 3rd

Series 2 Winners
Griffin Orr, 1st
Mark Babb, 2nd
Forest Atkins, 3rd

Series 3 Winners
Sklyar Bayman, 1st
Briggs North, 2nd
Owen Bushaw, 3rd

2014 Overall Winners
Owen Bu​shaw, 1st
Forest Atkins, 2nd
Greg Wallace, 3rd

Top Junior  Skylar Bayman
Top Woman  Crista Hvidsten
Most Improved  Greg Wallace
Corinthian Sailor  Mark Babb
Top Rookie  Don Silva
Turtle Award  Don Silva
Turtle Award  John Oliver

Standings as of 5/12/13

Well folks, it pays to come out and race. Greg Wallace, last year’s rookie, is in the lead at the moment in the Wednesday night series. Followed by Mark Babb and Mike Rist. This year’s new scoring method encourages participation, so rig up and get out there.