April 6, 2016 Laser Wednesday Night Races

Wednesday Night Races April 6, 2016

We had a great showing for the first scored Laser races of 2016 on Wednesday night. Ten intrepid sailors were on the line. The winds were out of the North North West at 18 knots and gusts into the 20’s.  Please give a big thank you to the race committee — Alanna Strong and Douglas Gable.

They efficiently got off four quick races that were intense 12-14 minute races. Based upon the recent US Sailing Race Management Course we had a very talented PRO and Mark setter.

The First race — Jody and John O. were over early — but only John went back. Mike Lipari, who wasn’t over early, went back and restarted too. He must have had a guilty conscience. The Wizard won. Second race — Tim was over early and went back. Alex won, convincingly. The Third race — I don’t remember the start but there was major carnage during the race with multiple flips and multiple death rolls.  It was exciting to watch! I think one of the many times Tim flipped, he actually landed on Alex. The rescue boat was deployed for one of the inverted Lasers. More than half the fleet joined the White Rock Lake swim team! John O. won the challenging race. The Fourth race — Only the pros remained so it was a bit less drama (Alanna’s word).  I think John O. was in the lead when he flipped, so Wizard won yet another race! Forest showed flashes of brilliance.  Bruce had a good night.  Greg Wallace had awesome starts and hung in close to the front a few times.  If Jody hadn’t been over early so often he would have had several thirds or better.  It was good to see Zack out on the water. Winds were shifty and on the positive side of 20 more than 50% of the time.  PRO (Alanna) only messed up a bit. I used the wrong flags in the first race but everyone knew what I meant so we were good. Also, I left the over early flag up too long. The Third race I deployed the rescue boat with one person onboard and I didn’t make him wear a life jacket. He seemed like a sensible sort and managed quite well — but next time I will ensure life jackets are worn.

It was a gorgeous evening! We look to see more Lasers on the line next week!  The weather is amazing this year.  We will see you next Wednesday!

Several Lasers are headed to Conroe this weekend for the Next Laser District Circuit Regatta.

Sail Flat! Sail Fast! Sail Downwind! Sail Lasers!

Winter Series

The scored Winter Series is underway! Come out Saturday and sail with us. First gun is 10:30am until December. Then, it is noon. We will sail three races with the Butterfly fleet. The season will continue until Spring.

Drag Racing

The first race in last night’s Wednesday night series turned into a physical drag race around the course.  Winds kicked up to 20 mps and bent to right so you were on a beam reach towards the first mark.  The next 3 races were remarkably light, but what a hoot to start the night!

wed race